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Top French interior décor rules to live by

French interior designs are the most craved interior styling trends for art lovers to fulfill their design starvations. The French interior décor has observed many shifts in the designs but the basis of each have remained more or less the same. The mutual characteristics in the modern French interior designs are what keep the French essence alive in home interiors.

If you are planning on doing the remodeling of the house interiors according to French designs, it is advised that you take notes of the following styling rules

Honor the historic associations

French interior design, art, and architecture are all about honoring the rich historic heritage of the French. The nation has undoubtedly fed a large number of artists and deserves to be praised for its artistically rich heritage. Each French interior design has a story of its own dating back to the 17th, 18th and 19th century which needs to be respected while selecting the design elements. For instance, if an apartment was to be built based on the design of a Haussmannian apartment, it is better that you avoid recess lights in order to avoid the characteristic ceiling moldings. In this case, dramatic floor lamps will work the best to maintain the character.

Adopt an eclectic approach

French house interiors are all about doing it ‘naturally’ and any effort to add specifically selected décor can simply kill the vibe. The juxtaposition of a number of interior accessories can lead to an awkward design which fails to match with the eyes. It is important to keep the design as eclectic and as anti-décor as possible to give the place a natural touch.

Keep it as effortless as possible

Too curated and too perfect- none of these traits is a characteristic of any French interior design. Since French interiors are all about disheveled elegance, it is better not to try too hard and let the treasured and memorable home pieces adjust the place in their own course.

Recycle and Reuse

Recycling and reusing is a part of effortless French interior décor. You can adopt the ‘chiner’ reusing technique in order to find the perfect home pieces for your interior. This will not only cost you less but also offer a maximum deal of effortless French styling with minimum effort employed.

Use a blend of vibrant colors

Although the French do have an affinity for neutral colors to comply with modern design standards, they favor using a blend of vibrant colors in order to fill the void between the odd and the new to instill a sense of connection. When it comes to impulsive choice of colors, no one can beat French and this technique comes in handy to blend in the old and new objects with vibrant walls.

Take cues from French lifestyle

The functionality of the space is an important factor to be considered while making space usage choices for French interior design. French homes are all about making the most of the living space by using a number of attachments and arrangements. Although the designs may look far from relaxed, the surely are very functional in terms of space usage.

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