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Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Bedroom

Interior Design Carpeting Tips for a Bedroom

Choosing the right carpet for your bedroom is crucial, it is one decision you will most likely be living with for years. Your flooring is the first thing your feet steps on before stepping into your bed to recharge for another day.  A bedroom is virtually a resting place that needs nothing less than comfort, laxity, and peace. Unlike all the other busy areas like the hallway, the kitchen and the living room, a bedroom gives you that peace that helps you think about your day and plan for the next one, therefore you should carefully select the best carpet for your bedroom.

carpet ideas for room

Color trends

Darker hues seem to dominate in bedroom carpets. They create that luxurious, cozy atmosphere that retreats away from the rest of the house. There are so many options available in the market to choose from depending on your bedroom décor from the curtains, furniture and wall colors to the floor and pile in the bedroom. Consider doing some research to come up with the ideal carpet color for your bedroom.

color samples

The room designs

Color is important for any room. Whatever type of carpet you choose it has to link to the rest of the palette as well as meeting the textual elements of the room. Consider the focal point of the bedroom and determine the right carpet that compliments it rather than overpowering it. For versatility, choose how you want your bedroom to be—how many people into the room? Do you have kids that would play on the carpet? How often do you clean your bedroom? And many more.

carpet is foucs

Pile type, height, and density

When choosing a carpet, it is quite remarkable to pay attention to the pile in the room.  For example, if you have a textured room scheme, you might want to consider choosing a textured carpet to compliment it. Pay a lot of attention to pile height and weight.  Along plush pile works best for a hotel mood while shorter, tighter collections show less indentation and wear.types of piles

The material

Most people think that only a woolen carpet can serve the purpose of warmth and comfort. Such thinking is an old-fashioned way of thinking as there are a variety of materials that can both compliment your home and also add a decorative, warmth and luxurious finish to your bedroom. Such materials include:

  • Nylon
  • Wool-nylon
  • Wool silk
  • Alpaca
Popular patterns and textures for bedroom carpeting.

Thanks to technology and modernization, synthetic carpets are becoming more luxurious and softer than before. They are cost-efficient that also keeps the practicality of busy lifestyles.

All these materials are strong, durable and comfortable. Your bedroom is your private room which doesn’t have to be similar to all the other places in the house, therefore, pick what works best for you.

 Do your research

With so many options on the market today, choosing the right carpet can be quite challenging, but there are a few things you can do to help you select the best carpet for your bedroom. For example, you can narrow down all your options and try to take pictures to the showrooms of the look you want to create as well as the colors and materials you’ve selected for your bedroom.

Beware of shading

If your last choice landed on a plush carpet consider dealing with constant shading (as it is a feature of this style). Plush carpets are created by chopping the lops and shearing the tips of the fibers. Pile reversal shading is when a color difference appears when you vacuum or walk over it. For this reason, plush carpets are best used in quiet bedrooms like a master bedroom or other quiet rooms.

The color you choose also plays a big role in how noticeable this effect is.  In most cases, reversal shading is usually more visible in darker carpets than lighter ones.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve selected the best carpeting for your home be sure to check for sales in your area as well as large home improvment stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Don’t be fooled by “free installation” offers. As you know, nothing is free, and neither is installation – you’ll find the cost of installation is passed down to the cost of the carpet’s square footage. Major metro cities have the advantage of visiting wholesale locations to get the best deal. We have several of these here in Phoenix, Arizona and most other large cities do as well. Also, if you purchase your carpet from a wholesale location or carpeting store, be sure to search out an affordable local, family owned and operated flooring contractor who specializes in installing carpet. By finding a local contractor you’ll likely save upwards of 20% on installation VS using the contractors from the flooring stores.

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